SMS Management System

The SMS Management System supports more than 30 SMS providers all around the world and any new provider shall be integrated using APIs extended from the Provider's side.

  • ◈ Send SMS/Text Messages
  • ◈ Schedule SMS to be sent in the future
  • ◈ Weekly/Periodic SMS to the Users
  • ◈ SMS an user based on a specific date
  • ◈ SMS an user after his subscription
  • ◈ Insert URLs/Links/information in the SMS
  • ◈ Handle delivery reports to get statistics about your SMS
  • ◈ Send Birthday SMS
  • ◈ Send follow up SMS
  • ◈ Include personal information in your SMS (user name for example)
  • ◈ Filter your receivers to create targeted SMS campaigns
  • ◈ Send proactive SMS
  • ◈ Manage SMS answers and execute automatic actions based on the received answer

Front end management

  • ◈ Create and send SMS
  • ◈ Manage delivery reports
  • ◈ Manage SMS answers
  • ◈ View the conversation with the portal users

Our Clients

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