Learning Management System


Showcase LMS Content in CMS

Whether it be for announcements, sales of online learning courses, course details, teacher's profiles or the latest class events, the proposed integration is to be established between the LMS and the CMS Servers by bridging the databases will enable the LMS content showcasing and display the LMS content inside the CMS by creating a seamless user interface for our Students/Teachers/Administrators.

Single Sign On (SSO) between CMS Server and LMS Server.

Centralisation of the user's profile data ensuring consistency of information between the proposed LMS/CMS.

  • ◈ When the user logs in either CMS or LMS is automatically logged into the other.
  • ◈ When the user logs out of either CMS or LMS, is automatically logged out of the other.
  • ◈ User sessions are synchronized between both platforms.

User synchronization between CMS and LMS

  • ◈ When users are created in CMS or LMS, they are automatically created in the other platform.
  • ◈ When users are deleted in CMS or LMS, they are automatically deleted in the other platform.
  • ◈ When the user updates his profile in CMS or LMS, profile is updated on the other platform too.
  • ◈ Option to select additional data source for user profile info, such as LMS Community or Shopping Cart.
  • ◈ Field Data Mapping.

LMS Features Overview

CMS Display for Students
  • ◈ Courses
  • ◈ Certificates
  • ◈ Grades
  • ◈ Events & News
Course Related Display in CMS
Additional CMS Views
LMS Course Presentation
Search LMS


Student Specific Views

User / Student Specific Component Views

  • ◈ The views listed here provide access to the User / Student Specific information that spans across all courses the user / student has enrolled in.
  • ◈ This information should be available only to registered users.

Student Course Grades

  • ◈ Shows assignment grades of a specific course for the Student.
  • ◈ Student events
  • ◈ Shows all the upcoming events in all the courses the Student is enroled in, grouped by course.
  • ◈ Student news
  • ◈ Shows latest news for all the courses the Student is enroled in, grouped by course.
  • ◈ Student grades
  • ◈ Shows grades for every assignment submitted by the Student.

Student courses

  • ◈ Shows all the courses the Student is enroled in, linking to LMS.
  • ◈ Student completed courses
  • ◈ Shows all the courses the Student has completed.
  • ◈ Student courses progress
  • ◈ Shows Student courses progress, integrating with LMS's progress module.
Course Specific Views
General and Other Views
Specific Modules
APP - General Features
Chapters and Lessons
Subscription Management System
Report Building System

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