User Points System

User Reward Platform

A dynamic User Reward platform for our LMS Community.

The Powered social rewards tools including multi-tier referral tracking, support for our blog sharing and much more.

User Points and Social Rewards technology is best used to create and promote crowd funding campaigns, self-replicating online contests, build fan networks, recruit social influencers and reward internet users for their online support.

User Points can be used to:

  • ◈ Recruit social influencers, affiliates and crowd funding donors.
  • ◈ Generate sales leads & distribute news releases.
  • ◈ Sell our LMS App.
  • ◈ Reward Portal visitors for sharing content with their friends and family on social media networks
  • ◈ Reward random users, artists, photographers, crowd funders and related experts for building their fan network
  • ◈ Reward social media users (fans) for their online support
  • ◈ Reward crowd funding backers for their online support
  • ◈ Deploy self-replicating online contests and viral promotions
    •  ► Build self-replicating fan networks
    •  ► Building self-replicating, viral fan lists
This system enabled to reward individuals for supporting our Community Portal including adding photos, adding videos, connecting with friends, adding articles and for other Portal behaviour.

This system allows us to monitor our Portal's activity and user behaviour across multiple applications

User points in response to some actions

  • ◈ Course enrolment
  • ◈ Quiz submitted
  • ◈ Course completed

The system imports all our LMS Community points directly into the User Points database.

Winning points through Social Sharing

Integrated Social Sharing module that enable our users the ability to interact with social media and gain points or discount coupons.

With this module we can reward our customers with points or our Shopping Cart discount coupons, when they socialize with our facebook fan page, twitter, Google plus and LinkedIn account.

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